410 vs 20 gauge for turkey

46 List Price $27. 410 bore, and you’ve got a great value, shooting in style. 410 is the only one of the three without an adjustable rear fiber optic sight. 357 Magnum as the default handgun round for personal protection. Shotgun bores are measured by an old English system of melting a pound of lead into round balls the diameter of the bore and counting how many balls that size you can get from a pound of lead. FLITECONTROL FLEX™ wad provides extremely tight, consistent patterns through standard and ported turkey chokes* Roll crimp and clear card wad keeps buffering material in place; Full-length wads prevent direct contact of the extra-hard pellets and the bore, protecting the barrel & . 20, 28 and 410 gauges are only offered in Mobilchoke. Home Gallery 20 Gauge Turkey Shotgun coated with Hazel Green (410) 200-0020 Close. Beretta Benelli Mobil 12 Gauge Bone Collector™ Turkey Choke Tube Item# Const. It’s the perfect option for when less is more. 12 gauge velocity averages out to 1285 fps, while the 410s average 959. 410 bore Pro's Very low recoil Slightly lower price Easy shell availability Con's Small Payload Expensive compared to larger shotguns 28 gauge Pro's Decent payload Low recoil Con's Rossi Tuffy Turkey . A 16 gauge was offered at one time but has been discontinued. 650: ADD : Beretta Benelli Mobil 20 Gauge Bone Collector™ Turkey Choke Tube Item# Const. The 3. Dia. It Jun 23, 2015 · Similarities are with a 16 ga. Yes, the 12-gauge is arguably the most popular turkey gun, but it doesn’t mean everyone can or should shoot one. But to understand why the . I personally feel that the 20 gauge strings out a 1 1/2 ounce shot column more than a 12 gauge so more of them arrive at the point of aim rather than splattered about the area. 13 Mar 2020 12ga, 20ga, or . With a 3-inch chamber, it weighs only a little more. The next most popular sizes are 28 gauge and . Do not use any steel shot larger than #4, slugs, sabots, rifled slugs, & 00/000 buckshot through a Carlson’s Turkey Choke. Available in 3", 12 or 20 gauge loads, Heavy Magnum Turkey ® delivers true gobbler knockdown power! Shot deformation is minimized, thanks to the thickest nickel-plating in the industry, which reduces fliers and keeps more pellets on target for dense patterns. But, many small gauge guns are adaptations on 20 gauge or even 12 gauge frames. 410 shotgun is that it has much less recoil than a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun, but still is a lethal choice. 1 piece base; 2 piece base; receiver or side mnt; ring mounts; tactical; Shop all mounts and bases; nightvision and thermal. Mag. 410 bore cartridges. and 20-ga. As you can see in the photo below comparing 12 gauge vs 20 gauge shells, 20 gauge shells are considerably smaller than 12 gauge shells. Choke Tubes 410, 28 Gauge, 20 Gauge, 16 Gauge, 12 Gauge, and 10 Gauge. They shot 3″ slugs in the 12 gauge. 410 Cal 12ga, 20ga, or . We also offer Bird Shot for hunting, trap, target, plinking and range use. 410 from TriStar. Mar 19, 2018 · Henry Lever Action . 410 for turkey hunting. . Other than that, no problem. HEAVYWEIGHT® TSS turkey loads have transformed the . vs 12 ga. It also won’t kill a turkey better at 20 yards than a dense-patterning 20-gauge, 28-gauge or . However, for youth and smaller frame shooters, or someone who spends hours shooting skeet, the reduced recoil of a 20 gauge may be a better choice. Apr 18, 2017 · A new shell for the 20 -- Federal Premium's 3rd Degree — has three types of shot inside, which are designed to be very forgiving for a hunter like me who only hunts a handful of times each season. 410 bore Standard Invector choke tubes fit only Browning shotguns designed for Standard Invector and are NOT for use in shotguns showing Invector-Plus or Invector-DS on the barrel(s). 410 became the hot new ­gobbler- getter last season and the credit for that goes to Tungsten Super Shot. 410 is a 'man's gun,' but that description was reserved for the shotgun I first bought: a 12 gauge. 6 gauge). 615" compared to the . I ran three different types of ammo from Apex 9. 20 Gauge – right behind the 12-gauge shotgun in popularity, the 20 gauge is very popular due to its manageable size compared to its effectiveness. To start with, as is the case with 12-gauge and 20-gauge scatterguns, an ideal . In my opinion, all other things being equal, a 12 gauge is probably "better" than a 20. 410 Bore By Chuck Hawks. PTSSX191F 9 / HWT TSS 12-gauge, 3 ½-inch, 2 ¼-ounce, 9 shot, 1200 fps / $49. PLEASE NOTE: This item requires an extended processing time of an additional 10 days. 410s. At H&R, we’re proud of our single-shot heritage and the fact we’ve been a part of the American hunting and shooting tradition from the beginning. 1 lbs respectively. 410 can weigh between 5 and 5. May 11, 2020 · The Burris FASTFIRE 3 is a perfect companion for the little autoloading . At Philmont Scout Ranch, in New Mexico, we shot . 410 turkey gun with a more sophisticated optic than plain open or fiber optic sights. The Mossberg 500 has various magazine capacities. 95: 70100: Turkey. 9 TSS shot, 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge loads with 2 1/4 ounces of No. This spring, during the quarantine, I bought the RIA Imports 410 shotgun. 410-bore all the way up to a double-barreled 10-gauge. mounting tools. Obviously, the 12-gauge is the default for shotguns and for good reasons, but the 20-gauge might actually be the better choice for home defense. load (3" cartridge) just has a very long shot column length compared to it's diameter supposedly causing portions of the shot to trail while others arrive quicker to the target. No one knows the turkey hunting addiction like Remington, because we share it. Just compare pellet count from previous lead loads and the difference is clear: lead 1¾-ounce No. ” Couple this with the fine craftsmanship of Franchi in either 28 gauge of . occasionally borrow 20-gauge and . handheld; scopes; Shop The H&R Pardner carries on an honored tradition in American shotguns. Shotgun 20 gauge to 10 gauge only, no . 410 (Winchester Data), . 410. 95: 70105: Turkey. Long tube extends beyond the length of the muzzle, features highly polished interior for less pellet deformation; reduced fliers and tighter patterns. 4mm by metric measure. 410 Turkey Gun Forum Forum Board Pushpin Turkey Call Blog Advertising Info Turkey hunting forum for turkey hunting tips Jan 04, 2018 · HEAVYWEIGHT TSS options include 3-inch 12-gauge loads with 1 3/4 ounces of No. It has 1/3 tungsten shot to carry energy a long-distance, 1/3 nickel-plated lead for your average shots in the 30- to 40-yard range, and a unique Although using a 20-gauge may not totally solve this problem, it will help, as will adding a shooting support stick. None that I can see. A tremendous all-around gun for a variety of uses. Front Fiber Optic: 13. 16, 28 , and . 410 bore has an actual diameter of approximately 10. As a result, many hunters choose to top their . The most popular shotgun gauges are 12, 16, 20, 28 and . On the other extreme,   Shop SCHEELS' selection of reliable shotguns. com. Moreover, it is an arguably better choice for that purpose for basically all the same reasons that 9mm has eclipsed . 410 slugs. 16 Gauge – a rare size to find anymore but a 16 is right in the middle of the road for size. 75 00 Buckshot 12 2. The 12-gauge shells hold 8 of the . Sep 10, 2018 · If you do not have a problem using the 12 gauge, by all means, feel free to do so. 95: 80135 6 models Jebs Choke Tubes Head Hunter . 95. Jul 05, 2010 · 410 gauge tomahawk shotgun 10 Gauge Vs 12 Gauge Vs 20 Gauge Vs 410 (Common Shotgun Comparison Video) Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip for Mossberg 500 and The Mossberg 500 can use 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and . #50108 . 410 since it makes breaking clays a greater challenge due to the reduced shot payload, making 20 and 12 gauge vs. 410 Shotgun is chambered for up to 3" rounds and weighs in at under 7 pounds. Rating. Set up with the ShurShot stock and a 20-inch barrel, the SPS holds well against your shoulder and is rock-steady in your hands. . Mossberg 500 Turkey. 410 is really only useful for small pests and vermin. Federal Premium® Heavyweight TSS™ Turkey Shotshells deliver tight patterns of dense tungsten shot on target for maximum penetration at long range. And we put our technology where our passion is. barrels and the 13. 410 Turkey Load. 74 inch. 410, 20, and 12 gauge brass or steel options feature the same rebounding external hammer and dual-direction pivoting locking lever setup that blocks hammer contact with the firing pin unless the trigger’s pulled, and the same interlock system prevents opening the . 410 GA Remington Model 31 Aluminum Receiver 26in bbl w/Lyman Cutts - 20 GA $395 Tungsten Super Shots General Forums Introductions Vendors General Handloading General and Beginners Information TSS ITX ITX13 Hevi-shot Steel Lead Cartridge Handloading supplies Patterns 10 Gauge 12 Gauge 16 Gauge 20 Gauge 28 Gauge 410 Gauge Firearms General 12 Gauge 16 Gauge 20 Gauge 28 Gauge 410 Turkey Upland Game Waterfowl Large Game 20 Gauge Vs. PTSSX191F 7 / HWT TSS 12-gauge, 3 ½-inch, 2 ¼-ounce, 7 shot, 1200 fps / $49. 00 Save 21% Coupon Available 36 models Jebs Choke Tubes Headhunter 12 Gauge Turkey Choke Tube (2) $100. 410 bore and 28 gauge shotguns and shooting some patterns with #6 birdshot hunting loads. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR)  Common shotgun gauges are 10-gauge, 12-gauge, 16-gauge, 20-gauge, The . 75 High Velocity Steel (BBB) 12 2. 5’s, Federal #9 and Browning #9. Jake Emche from TAURUS M4510 JUDGE . These shotguns have an overall length of 27″ and barrel length of 14″. 75″ 20ga hull requires more spacers than I want to put in a load, and 7/8oz of #6 gives 166 pellets– so of course the smaller TSS pellets don’t need that large a payload. For this reason, they are also the most likely to get mixed up. 410, with its thin patterns, doesn’t deliver a high-voltage charge of enthusiasm. 410-bore shotgun. 410 bore instead of the . Note: You may not possess any other gun  410 but I'm wondering if I should go to a . 410 turkey loads contain far fewer pellets than their 12 and 20-gauge counterparts, it is critical hunters deliver the . The hunt to me is all about calling that ole bird in close. 410 Bore (Alliant Data), . For the full review- IS THIS THE ULTIMATE . 410 into a viable gobbler gun 12 and 20 gauge are by far the most commonly used shotgun gauges. So, what changed? The decline may be traced to 1926, when the official rules of skeet declared that only the . 410-bore—are increasingly utilized in pursuit of spring gobblers. 410 is legal for deer hunting ANYWHERE. 75 7 3 258 3. With Federal Premium Ammunition's new Heavyweight TSS turkey hunting load in #9 shot, some . 28 Gauge By Dusty Wilkens A choke is a metal tube that screws into the end of a shotgun barrel, designed to constrict the pellets to varying degrees as they leave the barrel, determining the distance that the pellets spread out after leaving the barrel. Mossberg 500 Stats: Ultra-density (18 g/cc vs 11 g/cc for lead) pellets give unequalled downrange lethality. Nice ones include (from left) the Browning Gold, Ruger Red Label and Mossberg SA-20. In fact, I'm not sure the . The one ounce 28s I’ve tried really struggled on the pattern plate. 410 3/4 oz. Target Sports USA carries the entire line of Federal HEAVYWEIGHT TSS ammunition for sale The 12 gauge, 20 gauge and . I shot it once and was done. Mar 31, 2014 · Home Defense Shotgun Ammunition Gauges Shotgun sizes have always been measured in a way that confuses most everybody. $54. 410 to 12 Gauge and everything in between. 243 Winchester, 6. The Model 500 is available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and . 410 loads available; A portion of the proceeds are donated to the National Wild Turkey Federation; Part No. It is available in . 20 Gauge Shotgun Ammo. Shooting the exact same load, the heavier the gun, the lower the recoil energy; a gun that weighs twice as much, kicks half as hard. Considered a jack-of-all-trades type of gun. Browning Citori Feather Lightning 20 Gauge  1 of 6 Jebs Choke Tubes HeadHunter Turkey Choke Tube - . Available in 20-gauge only and shoots 2¾- and 3-inch shells. In Europe it is sometimes called the 12mm, which is an inaccurate designation as a . 410 gauge versions Choke Bore Sizes and Constrictions. Its single-shot, break action is simple and incredibly reliable, and the 26-inch barrel is optimized for new HEAVYWEIGHT TSS payloads. 410 shotguns are equipped with screw-in choke systems. The . 75 18 3 62 3. game load providing very good patterns compared to a 12 ga. 20 Gauge. My son uses his 20 with Winchester 3" # 3's for ducks. 5s (305 pellets), TSS 1¾-ounce No. Buy in stock 10 Gauge Shells ammunition online. 410 barrel leaves the pattern, no matter shot-size or load, strung out as it speeds toward a target. I feel if you get a good 20 gauge then spend time getting good with it you will also like the gun. But, a 20 gauge with the right choke/shell combination, is a formidable turkey gun, no question. Website Development by Dreamchaser Design - Certified Miva Merchant Partner & WordPress Developer. Been hunting with a 20 ga. Testimonial. Some has shot size restrictions that prohibit turkey hunting with  1 Mar 2019 Ammo manufacturers Federal and Apex expected to sell plenty of 12- and 20- gauge TSS loads, but they were unprepared for the run on . Valid on purchases from 02/01/2020 thru 05/31/2020. I would like a pump shot gun with the extra capacity it would provide me. The best selection of hunting, self defense, target, shooting, practice, plinking, surplus, jacketed hollow point/JHP, full metal jacket/FMJ, and frangible 10 Gauge Shells ammo - buy 1000 rounds or more. The smaller bore was better suited for grouse, woodcock, quail and other smaller birds. The following is a generally agreed upon list of shotgun bore diameters for all gauges and a list of generally accepted choke constrictions (in thousands of an inch) for the various named choke constrictions. length of pull. Factory Replacement Shotgun Choke Tubes. Mossberg Barrel 500 20 Gauge Slug 24" Barrel Rifle Sights Blued Cylinder BoreMossberg replacements barrels are offered in a wide variety of the most popular slug, turkey, security and all purpose conf In addition to our 10-gauge model, we offer 12-gauge models in camo with fixed full chokes or screw-in turkey chokes, and a 20-gauge, 22"-barreled compact model with camo-finished hardwood. 410 bore at 60 yards. 270 Winchester, . Slugs, bucks, and birdshots : Your search on eBay will uncover barrels designed specifically for fring slugs, buckshot, or birdshot. 555 Loads but also work exceptionally well with other manufacturer's turkey ammunition (Smaller shot size 7-9). The emphasis was on bigger guns for older Scouts, but it wasn’t always an I’d think that a 410 would be a bit light for turkey though, but they are far from useless. It boasts more pellets than the 20 gauge and delivers far denser The light recoil of this Henry lever shotgun is perfect for ladies who need a home defense weapon but don’t want to practice with the much heavier recoiling 20, 16, and 12 gauge shotguns. $79. $69. The question is not whether the 12 gauge is viable for self-defense, but instead an examination of why the 20 gauge may outperform the 12 gauge JEBS "Head Hunter" Turkey Choke - 20 Gauge Choose Options Our Upland & Wing-shooting chokes are designed to handle steel shot or any type shell you wish to shoot in it. 410 Gauge Turkey Choke Tube (1) $100. The author took this Gould's gobbler in Old Mexico with a Remington 870 in 20 gauge. The 410 holds a much smaller payload of shot than 20-gauge or 12-gauge shotgun shells. Shotgun ammunition from Winchester and Hevi-Shot - the best brands at the best prices. A target hit with three pellets cannot tell which gauge fired them. No more. The incredibly high pellet count in both 7 and 9 shot, along with the ability to carry energy further, makes them ideal for 12 and 20 ga. SCHEELS Mar 24, 2014 · With the price of . 410, but PF supporter Andrew Johnson was  25 Jan 2020 410 gauge shotgun. Hevi-18 ® TSS Turkey. 410 gauge shotgun. 410 shotshell. Henry Repeating Arms bought the rights to the “Henry” name and has been manufacturing in New Jersey since the late 90’s. Winchester - Browning Inv - Moss 500 12 Gauge Long Beard Turkey Choke Tubes Item# Const. 410, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge, find the perfect shotgun for your next hunt. Choose to keep the rebate or donate it to the National Wild Turkey Federation. Find 410 Gauge Shotgun Shells at low prices here. See them now. Find shotgun shells and ammunition for your 12-gauge, 20-gauge, 410 and other shotguns. Best, cheap, bulk 10 Gauge Shells ammo for sale. 59 Henry Repeating Arms 20 Gauge Single Shot Break Action Shotgun 26" Barrel 1 Roun Mossberg 500 Super Bantam Combo, Pump Action, 20 Gauge, 24"/22" Barrels, 4+1 Rounds Aug 24, 2016 · The “modern” 20-gauge is more of an all-around shotgun, used much like a traditional 12-gauge on anything from upland birds to waterfowl. Federal's New 20 Gauge TSS Turkey Loads: Smallbore Enhancement "It makes my 20 gauge into a genuine 40-yard gun. Oct 23, 2018 · Essentially, it was a Model 12 20-gauge shotgun with a scaled down . Aguila’s extensive shotshell line has something for everyone – whether the application is hunting, competition, clays, or home defense – from . You should likely see brick ‘n mortar pricing around $150-$160. Sep 29, 2017 · Three screw chokes are included. The 20 is also a far more flexible gauge when used for hunting because most 20 gauge guns come with 3″ chambers and can handle 1-1/4 oz loads with moderate efficiency. One of the latest entry in the current trend of bull-pup shotguns for sport shooting, hunting, and home or property protection manufactured in Turkey is the Napoli N-100, soon to be launched by Derya Arms in 12 gauge and . Killing him is my least concern but the 20 gets Arnold, Mo. 5 lead loads. Test loads included Winchester’s Defender ¾-ounce segmenting slug, Remington’s 2/3-ounce Slugger, Federal’s Premium 18-pellet load of #2 buckshot and Winchester 23 Apr 2018 In this week's episode of ScoutLook's Eastern Strut, Brett Joy and Jay Dubois are hunting on Kentucky public land where there are turkeys  27 Feb 2019 Our Single Shot . From first gobble, the magic is planted in your heart. 75 7/8 ounce Thug Slug 410 2. 30 Jul 2019 Can Using a 20 Gauge Gun Make You a Better Hunter? I knew an older Southern gentleman who used nothing but a . $26. Mar 11, 2019 · While the 12-gauge weighs around 7. Perhaps if you looked at the 20 as an “overbored” 28, it would start to make sense. With proper ammunition, the 20 gauge is suitable for birds up to the size of turkeys out to 30 to 35 yards. 410 Bore. The following chart lists the nominal inside diameters for both types of 12 gauge chokes. 410, this is exactly the approach you must take. Latest. 410 Gauge Shells . The 12, 20, and . 87" MO Original Bottomland: Synthetic (MO Original Bottomland) 45. It is accurate and the recoil is acceptable especially compared to a 12 gauge slug. 75-inch (70 mm) or five 3-inch (76 mm) shells in the magazine and one in the chamber. The test gun was the LSI/Hatsan Escort PS-20 HAT00115 3-inch 20 Gauge, $399 (price from Gallery of Guns online store). You would think that the '12' in a 12-gauge shotgun means some sort of measurement. Heavy payloads and high velocities for maximum performance. Browning's TSS Tungsten Turkey Shotshells are loaded with Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) that is nearly 60% denser than lead for maximum downrange energy and penetration. $29. 5 " 3 20 " 5 24 " 15 26 " 25 28 " 48 30 " 10 32 " 2 34 " 6: ACTION APPLY Break Open 6 Over / Under 24 Pump 27 Semi Auto 51 Other 6: MANUFACTURER APPLY Tri-Star Arms Gobblin' Thunder set the bar for every otherchoke tube on the market. The Rossi Turkey shotgun is designed to be ready for turkey hunting  Winchester WE413GT Xpert Steel 410 Ga 3" 3/8 Oz - Box. 99 Mossberg 535 ATS Shotgun - Turkey/Waterfowl Combo Stoeger Condor Over/Under 20-Gauge Shotgun. Stoeger Coach Guns single and double trigger shotguns are based on the Old West stagecoach guard’s shotgun of choice. Feb 11, 2009 · The 20 gauge is about . 410 Bore (Hodgdon Data), . Don't know about 410, but walmart and dunhams both routinely have 100 round packages of 12 and 20 gauge #7 1/2 or #8 bird shot for under 25 bucks. The 16-gauge was long considered more sporting than the 12-gauge, a tool at that time of market gunning and deer hunting. 12 Gauge vs. 5 inch shell. 5 in Chmbr, Black Finish, 6-Pos Adj Syn Black Stock, 5+1 Rds Hinterland #: 51895 MFG #: GOMX410 16, 28 , and . Jan 02, 2019 · They are available in . The Federal Premium's Heavyweight TSS Turkey Load has an incredibly high pellet count in both 7 and 9 shot, along with the ability to carry energy further, makes them ideal for 12 Winchester’s 20-gauge SXP turkey pump in camo was joined by an all-black model this year, and there is now a gas-operated 20-gauge SX3 Long Beard version, with pistol grip, sights, and scope base. At close range, 20 gauge buckshot is typically just as effective as 12 gauge, but it can have a lot less recoil. 410 gauge. Your choice of 8 or 9 shot with 20ga, 12ga or even our 10ga shells. Spend at least $20. I have a double gauge 410 left from my hunting days loaded with 3 inch #4 bird shot that I can shoot if needed. What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories. 95 The tungsten-alloy material’s 18 gm/cc density is 22 percent higher than standard tungsten and 56 percent more than lead. Over the last couple of years, more states have adjusted their turkey hunting regulations to include . The 12 gauge was shooting 3" slugs. 410 to turkey hunt and  Additionally, some upland and turkey hunting loads intended for use on larger birds will sometimes use copper-plated shot that's less likely to deform on impact. The result is the most energy and highest velocities at extreme range. 20 Gauge 33 28 Gauge 7 410 Gauge 7: CHAMBER APPLY 2 2 2. 410-bore shotguns along with the 12-ga. The 40 yard pattern has 187 in the 10" and 126 in the 20" and 86% of the load is inside the 20" circle. The major significant event in any advantage of the 20 over the 16 is the 20's 3 inch capability. I load the TSS in 410, 28, 20, 16 and 12 and have killed turkeys with all 410 shotgun for sale and auction. Products by TriStar at Wholesale Hunter Gauge Shotgun Youth / Adult 2 14. 410 O/U with 26" barrels, . 410 forever, using Remington 3" with high brass, it has never failed me. Dreamchaser Design Jul 21, 2017 · The Stevens 301 features a crisp, reliable break action and rugged, modern synthetic stock that withstands even brutal abuse afield. 300 Win. Jul 18, 2010 · The comely Heather shoots a 410, a 20 gauge, a 12 gauge, and a 10 gauge using dishes, beer, watermelons, and TV’s as her targets of choice. 410 spring turkey shotgun will typically feature the ability to have a screw-in extra-full turkey choke to help create an ultra-dense pattern. Obviously then if it were between . 410 Gauge, Jebs Choke Tubes Head Hunter Black Nitride 20 Gauge Turkey Choke Tube. SCHEELS. ATI GOMX410 Omni Hybrid MAXX Shotgun, 410 Gauge, 18. All Rights Reserved. Select "More Options" in the menu below for the complete selection of available choke tube constrictions. , the 16 ga. 00 $79. 410-bore shotguns, which have 40- and Since the . 410 bore or a 20 gauge. boomer load. 5 lbs. Jan 24, 2018 · New Turkey Shotgun: Winchester SXP Long Beard 20-Gauge It was time to talk turkey when OSG senior digital editor Lynn Burkhead visited with Rafe Nielson of Winchester at Industry Day at the Range as the pair discussed the 20-gauge version of Winchester's Super X Pump Long Beard shotgun prior to the start of SHOT Show 2018. Several people will use 12-gauge loads for big-game hunting, as well. So lets do a pro's and con's. However, no matter how good you are, the 12 gauge shotgun kicks and kicks hard with some loads. 410 bore versions of Honcho shotguns weigh 4. 410: 5+1: 24" Vent Rib: X-Full Ext. 410 BORE ; HEVI-Bismuth The 20-gauge shotgun is the next most popular size being favored by shooters uncomfortable with the weight and recoil of a 12-gauge gun, and is popular for upland game hunting. © 2013 Comp-N-Choke. The V3 Turkey Pro in Realtree Timber is ready to go into the field with a 40 yard factory bore sighted TrugloOptic and Truglo Headbanger choke tube. That’s a striking shift in standpoint, as its runs counter to long-held beliefs about sub-gauges. Back when fixed chokes were the norm, a 12 gauge was a bit much for small game in close, so the 16, 20, … Feb 26, 2018 · It’s always been overshadowed by the more popular and more powerful 12 gauge, but there’s nothing wrong with relying on a 20 gauge shotgun to defend your home. Jun 15, 2016 · At 20 yards the 46-inch-long shot string of the 20-gauge was a full 20 inches shorter than the . 50 caliber black powder rifles, 12 gauge shotguns, and . Turkey Shotguns. Becoming Graf & Sons. The overall length is less than 40 inches due to the 24 in. The Internet's Best Resource for Shotgun Information. 410-3" 3" FS 5 round capacity, 6 groo Click for more info Seller: United Sportsmen's Company The 12-gauge shotgun is the ticket for the majority of America’s turkey hunters. 410, that’s really not my intention. 410 Bore Single Shot Shotgun 2 Our Low Price $194. Easy to operate and reliable In the pictures are 4 patterns shot with a Yildiz SPZ ME . Magazines. 410-bore shotgun is the only exception to the gauge designation for shotguns. Heather shoots a 410, a 20 gauge, a 12 gauge, and a 10 gauge. boresighters; scope mounting kit; bubble level; accessories; Shop all mounting tools; mounts and bases. However, with an extra-full choke, they could perform better. Although it may sound like I’m bashing the Mossberg . March 28, 2018. 568: ADD: Click to Return to top of this page HEAVYWEIGHT TSS 20 Gauge Important Safety Information WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Find out how it feels, shoots, and if it’s right for you! About. Youth single shot shotgun in good condition. 75″, now you are interested in filling that space up to get a crimp! Even HW13 in a 2. 410 joins the existing line of 12- and 20-gauge G2 Turkeys. These shells are all loaded with 18g/cc TSS. You’ll notice semi-automatics, pumps and over/unders represented below, but there are also many side-by-sides such as the Barrett Sovereign Beltrami, CZ Sharp-Tail and Rizzini Round Body on the market. 5 " 49 20 " 80 22 " 27 23 " 1 24 " 60 + View More: ACTION APPLY Over / Under 17 Pump 265 Semi Auto 68 Gauge Shell Length Projectile 12 2. 410, 12- and 20-gauge models with a variety of barrel lengths. Precision engineered to the industries tightest tolerances, this tube has been Briley Bolt Operating Handle - 20 and 28 Gauge (Fits SuperSport, Sport 2, Cordoba, M2, Montelfeltro, Ethos, Legacy, Ultralight) Briley Bolt Operating Handle - 20 Gauge (Fits 303, 390, 391, 3901) Briley Bolt Operating Handles- 12 Gauge (Fits M4) One of my favorite guns is my 20 gauge rifled Rossi slug gun. These fixed-full guns will work well with Federal Premium’s new Heavyweight TSS . Jun 16, 2019 · The compact version is a basic grade that comes in 20-gauge, 28-gauge, and . 410 Turkey Gun Forum Forum Board Pushpin Turkey Call Blog Advertising Info Turkey hunting forum for turkey hunting tips The 20 gauge is the best of both worlds: enough shot to bring down the larger upland species, but still lightweight enough to carry all day long. 410 bore shotguns come with fixed full-choked barrels. 410 as a turkey gun. I assume that the Honcho shotguns have a legal status similar to Remington 870 TAC-14 and Mossberg 590 Shockwave . The significant difference between the gauges is the weight of the projectile mass. 5 pounds, and a 20-gauge around 6. 410 size frame, they are a delight to the eye and to the hand. So, despite sometimes taking some ribbing from 12 gauge fans, I actually like the 20 gauge. Action. 410 Gauge (Lyman Data), 10 Gauge, 10 Gauge (Alliant Data), 10 Gauge (Hodgdon Data), 10 Gauge (IMR Data), 10 Gauge (Lyman Buckshot Data), 12 Gauge, 12 Gauge (Accurate Data), 12 Gauge (ACTIV Data), 12 Gauge (Alliant Data), 12 Gauge (Alliant Promo Data Jun 29, 2017 · The . She uses targets such as dishes, beer, watermelons, and TV's. 660: ADD : Winchester - Browning Inv - Moss 500 20 Gauge Long Beard Turkey Choke Tubes Item# Const. , January 18, 2019 – Browning Ammunition introduces its most dominant turkey load in 2019, TSS Tungsten Turkey. shotguns are offered with either the Mobilchoke or Optima-Choke tube systems. Apr 05, 2018 · Review: Federal Heavyweight TSS . Instead, it’s an endorsement of getting closer to your game. 99. 410 bore. Some experienced competition shooters like to use the . 410 shells and it being limited so much for larger game, I'd probably go with the 20 gauge. And, depending on the model you choose, they can be substantially shorter in overall length than a 12-gauge, making it significantly easier to handle. And the next you're calling in sick, because some ol' boss tom has your number. The benefit of a . Not to mention you can also get barrel inserts to turn it into everything from a 30-06 to a 22lr. 410 bore—all fitted with Turkish walnut furniture with sharp laser-cut checkering that sticks them in the hand. 385" Comp n Choke choke in the top barrel and a Modified Choke in the bottom barrel with our 27/32oz 9. 410 bore is a viable alternative for a "first gun. A 28 gauge has about half the recoil of a 20 gauge. From lightweight 2¾" target loads to the hardest-hitting 3" mags, it cycles them all with the same unrelenting consistency. Recent new developments in turkey loads make the 20-gauge an excellent choice for the turkey hunter. This is from where you could buy lead in one pound blocks to make your own Once relegated to slight, feathered or furred upland species such as rabbits, squirrels, quail, dove and grouse, sub-gauge shotguns—20-, 28-gauge and . Shop Sportsman's Guide and get great values on Shotgun Ammunition. The Yildiz had real wooden furniture, but it just felt light and insubstantial, unlike the Yildiz 12-gauge. 28 gauge, both are aptly suited for hunting birds, small game and shooting skeet. And it's legal everywhere, which you can't say about the . It really depends on what you're looking for. Heavy Magnum ® Turkey. 9 shot can make lethal hits at long range Apr 22, 2020 · I will always take my Mossberg 500 12-gauge turkey hunting rather than a 20-gauge. 410 to harvest turkeys because they are so effective that it  Winchester SXP Longbeard Turkey Gun. 4 lbs and 4. 410 Bore Loads, . Featuring innovative Shot-Lok Technology, Long Beard XR offers the tightest patterns and longest shot capability of any traditional turkey load with twice the pellets in a 10-inch circle out to 60 yards. / Description / MSRP. 410 bore Remington 870 Classic Trap – Twin action bars for non binding action, Receiver milled from solid steel, Fancy American Walnut Monte Carlo Stock, 30” vent rib barrel, 3 Rem Chokes included Read 22 Reviews of the Remington 870. Jul 16, 2019 · TriStar makes a bunch of neat scatterguns, and the new TT-15 Field is the latest. The price difference between them was minimal, maybe $20. 4 or No. This round is usually called the "410 gauge" but is more correctly named the 410 bore. TURKEY LOADS. 20 ga – You already have plenty of payload space in the 20ga 2. If you have a youngster who wants to get into shooting, the Mossberg Model 500 in the light-kicking but still effective . 16 Nov 2019 Can a 20 gauge shotgun be used to hunt turkeys as effectively as a 12 People have reported dropping turkeys with a . Federal Premium HEAVYWEIGHT TSS 20 Gauge Ammo 3" 1 1/2oz, #7 Turkey Load - PTSSX259F 7 Federal Premium HEAVYWEIGHT TSS 20 Gauge Ammo 3" 1 1/2oz, #7 Turkey Load for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping available on bulk 20 Gauge ammunition only at our online store TargetSportsUSA. Sell your 410 shotgun for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Caliber: . 410 or 28 gauge allowed. Viper G2 Series The TriStar Viper Series Semi Automatic Gas Operated Shotguns are reliable, functional and hard working. 410 Bore Single Shot Shotgun 2 5. All of these coach guns are ideal for Cowboy Action shooting and home defense. Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) gives turkey hunters a new edge in the field, loaded with the densest shot available and offered in duplex payloads. Load data shotgun gauges are . 46 $ 24 . 5 . Mar 22, 2019 · Well said! Remington 870 - 410 with Sum Toy choke and handloads of #9. You can't do that much with a 20 ga. of recoil. 410, as well as 12- and 20-gauge models. The gun was tested for reliability, handling, group size with slugs and pattern size with buckshot. 20 Feb 2018 Barrel Length a Key Component for Youth . Dreamchaser Design Barrel Length a Key Component for Youth . 410-3" 3" FS 5-SHOT STAINLESS STAINLESS STEEL, with black rubber grip. American Tactical is offering the Nomad Shotguns in the following six models: ATIG12NMD18 – 12 gauge with 18 Compare specifications of Savage Arms|Stevens 301 Turkey 410 Gauge 19252 and Kel-Tec KSG 12 Gauge KSG. FWIW, dad gave me an Ithaca model 37 featherlight 20 gauge the first time we hunted. 75" 6. 410 bore shotguns. Our Low Price $194. If you’re looking for a lighter option than the 12 gauge, the Mossberg 500 offers a slick little gun in 20 gauge. Ultra-density (18 g/cc vs 11 g/cc for lead) pellets give unequalled downrange lethality. A nimble 20 makes for a good Duck pot hole or timber gun in some cases. 75 ITX-10 Duck #4 12 3. 410 is a decent gun for a specific market, similar to the Maverick 88. 410 payload onto a very precise spot. Shop online for the best selection and prices of 20 Gauge Single Shot Shotguns at Hinterland Outfitters from top brands like Browning, Remington, Winchester, Savage, and many more. Good luck and good hunting. Benelli Turkey Edition shotguns are fitted with a ComforTech ® stock to reduce felt recoil by 48%, aid fast follow-up shots and diminish flinches when shooting heavy loads. Pardner® A companion for every day in the field. Aim for the ultimate in shotgun accuracy, reliability and value. models. I’ve killed turkeys inside 20 yards with everything from the . With the right combination of shell, pellet & choke constriction, Gobblin' Thunder dependably delivers a 14 - 16" pattern at 40 yards. ESCORT PS Turkey Hunter Gauge, 12 GA (Gas-Operated), 20 GA (Gas- Operated) . 410 bore, with the 12 gauge being the most popular and having the most optional features available. 410 TURKEY GUN? For the Brenneke vs Foster . Remington 870. 410 Bore (IMR Data), . Finished in our hardy black chrome from head to toe, the Bobwhite G2 will resist rust much better than a blued gun while still looking classy. H&R M48 . 12 Gauge (26) 20 Gauge (9) 410 Bore Remington Nitro Turkey Buffered Magnum Load 20 Gauge Shotshells Oct 28, 2018 · Discussing some of the differences in the . I debated between the Yildiz 410 and the RIA. www. Buffered shot improves shot flow through choke tubes, producing consistently tight patterns. Yes, Federal's Heavyweight TSS can turn your . 5″ turkey loads give the 10 gauge about 70 lbs. I use a Remington youth model 20 ga. 410 following a very successful launch of their 12 and 20-gauge Head Hunter models  These numbers are capable of killing a wild turkey, and even rival the numbers produced by some 12-gauge turkey guns using No. Inherently more reliable under adverse conditions, such as dirt and sand exposure and climate extremes, than other types of shotguns, pump shotguns are available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge and . Recoil does not bother me, but you can always make lighter loads if you want. Please be aware that prices may vary due to market fluctuations, and that we do not offer refunds or returns on ammuni Where the duo of earlier Model 500 Turkey shotguns in both 20- and 12-gauge also retail for the same dollar amount, the . 410, which have fixed IC/Mod), all inside a plastic case. Jan 22, 2018 · Follow-up in an old, dead thread. $16. Federal Premium® Heavyweight® TSS Turkey Loads are the ultimate in turkey loads. last time at wally world the 20 gauge was going for 20 and change, but I was gunning for all 6 boxes I was allowed in 9mm federal. Definitely an advantage there as much walking and carrying involved. Hit the turkey woods with one of Stoeger’s special turkey shotguns. Its 28″ barrels are threaded for choke tubes and it ships with five flush chokes spanning from Cylinder to Full. Support Buffalo’s Outdoors on Patreon- […] Even comparing standard 12 gauge hunting loads against standard 20 gauge hunting loads, lighter felt recoil in the 20 is still only a maybe. A baby bore . 410 Turkey Shotguns without the shoulder-pounding thump of a 12-gauge or a 20-gauge. 410 also puts less shot in the air, which makes it harder to hit a moving target than with a larger shotgun. 20 gauge instead. Oct 10, 2010 · Would it be best to start out a kid shooting a . FITS 12 GAUGE BROWNING INVECTOR, WINCHESTER, MOSSBERG 500/9200, H&R, WEATHERBY & SKB (Does not fit Winchester Super X2 & X3 - see model #ICSS06) Stainless Steel Construction. 410’s shot string. While most Mossberg owners will use a 500 for shooting trap and even hunting big game, the . Winchester SXP NWTF Turkey Hunter Pump-Action Shotgun 12-ga. $549. 75″ 12-gauge shells and 3″ 410 shells. Forty yards has long been the standard by which all turkey loads were measured. TAURUS JUDGE MAG . If you are of the mindset “bigger is better,” and if you can handle a gun that kicks like a mule, you can go with the big 10-gauge. Support Buffalo's Outdoors on Mar 01, 2019 · The . Using 6 shot, you should be able to fill your pot, every time. The 20 bore will typically have a load of about an ounce to an ounce and a quarter of shot, and it's a fine small bore for hunting. 410 ammo. 75 pounds, the . A 20 gauge with managed-recoil loads doesn't kick that much more, and is much more effective. cabelas. I chose that shotgun for use on clays, pheasant, turkey, and waterfowl. It isn't as popular as the 12 gauge, and therefore manufacturers aren't motivated to offer 12 gauge; 20 gauge; 10 gauge; 16 gauge; 410 gauge; Shop all shotgun; Optics. 410 Turkey Shotguns Federal Premium Ammunition Heavyweight TSS #9. 410 bore turkey shotgun for 2020 and I have one on loan at the Buffalo Range. Barrel sets in various combinations such as . Hopefully you have a 3" chamber and can shoot 1 1/2 ounce turkey loads. 7 or No. 1 Review. now for more seasons than I can count. 410 slugs – Brenneke vs Remington vs Meat Target This is a viewer funded channel. Chambers are 3 inches in the 12, 20 and . 410 vs. Once you've decided on gauge, make a choice from the following styles: Pump Action: A classic and popular choice. Your odds are If you’re going to turkey hunt with a . 18- and 20-gauge configurations: Lengths vary, but standard options are for 18- and 20-gauge shotguns with 18- and 20-inches in barrel length. 9s (627 pellets). 45LC/. Both the 10 gauge and 16 gauge, while less commonplace, are still available in the United States. 75-inch chamber. The customization options of the shotgun ensure perfect fitting and an enhanced shooting experience. Gun weight is an important, and inversely proportional, component of recoil. Built on gauge-specific frames, the Bobwhite G2 is available in 12, 20 and 28 gauges. Will be in either a Remington 870 20 gauge or a Mossberg . This impressive Turkish-made O-U is available in 12, 20, and 28 gauges and . and 20 gauges as well as a . The basic model holds five 2. 2 Apr 2020 410 for turkeys, 16 still have limitations on anything smaller than 20-gauge. com Apr 13, 2020 Used Remington Shotguns For Sale Shotgun Remington 1100 Skeet -T 410 Gauge - . 00 on any Federal Turkey shotshell ammunition and 10% of the purchase p[rice back. 410 slug video- . 1 Jul 2017 “I've always been a 12 gauge pump shotgun guy, but this 20 gauge has got moving between pheasants and waterfowl and turkeys,” Schatz said. There is a reason why quite a few states outlaw the . Full Camo Coverage in Realtree Timber; VersaPort® Gas System The 20 gauge produces negligibly less power than the 12 gauge, but it is disadvantaged in another area. " After he or she learns the ropes, you can always graduate to another M-500 in, say, 20-gauge. Some vintage shotguns and a You can also find 3½-inch turkey loads. The nominal bore of a . I recommend the Hornady Critical Defense® 410 Triple Defense® 2. The Indian Creek choke Tube will accommodate all lead and hybrid heavy turkey loads and is proven to increase pattern density by 40% or better. GAUGE MATE, INC. 410 shotgun is. Gauge-Mate Tube - Convert 12 Gauge to . A 20 gauge will smoke anything that flies and most of what walks and crawls, including squirrels. 410 Shotgun. Product Title Tetra ValuPro III 410 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $24. Tight-patterning and dense enough that No. You can turn your 12 gauge single, side by side, or over under into a 410, 20, or 16 gauge. Here’s how the 20 vs 12 gauge discussion breaks down: Spread: The 12 gauge certainly wins when it comes to spread. Last visit was: Mon Jun 22, 2020 7:54 pm: It is currently Mon Jun 22, 2020 7:54 pm Carlson's TSS Turkey Choke Tube for Benelli 20 Gauge . My initial thought was that the Apex would outperform the other two hands down based Let’s face facts. Which is why it is properly called the . HeviShot 20 Gauge Non Ported Turkey Choke. The 12-bore Citori is also offered with 26-inch barrels, but the 20-gauge barrel possibilities are most interesting — 26, 28, 30 and 32 inches! With a 28-inch barrel, the 20 gauge goes 6 pounds, 9 ounces. 7, 8 and 9 shot sizes. 375 " 1 15 " 1 18 " 35 18. I have used an old single shot . Model Pardner® Turkey Gun (with Camo) May 21, 2015 · The Mossberg 500 Special Purpose 20 gauge was test fired at a private range. 20 gauge Standard Invector choke tubes fit only Browning shotguns designed for Standard Invector and are not for use in shotguns showing Invector-Plus or Invector-DS on the barrel(s). 410 and 28 gauge or 20 and 28 gauge were also built by Winchester. There’s just something about an over-under shotgun that says “shooting in style. When all you have is one shot, make it count! *Apex is committed to customer service. Chambered for 2-3/4 and 3-inch shells 410 ammo is the stuff you’ll want for firing in the popular 410 shotgun. 7 lbs, 4. 410-caliber. 410 in the Turkey Hunting With . Gobblin' Thunder easily converts the most mild mannered bird gun into a turkey hunting specialist. The choke on the . New for spring 2020, Premier TSS offers six loads for 12 gauge and softer recoil 20 gauges and . Buy a 410 shotgun online. 52 Pete Muller reviews the Savage Model 220 Turkey – a bolt-action style 20-gauge shotgun built on the revolutionary AccuStock. 36-caliber round pellets while the 410s hold 5. 5" Stock With 2" Extention Combo 24"Barrel 3 Choke Tubes 24130 The popularity of the Viper Series warranted a Youth model. Available in . Winchester 410-Gauge 2-½-in #4 Lead Shotgun Shells Winchester 20-Gauge #7 Lead Shotgun Shells Federal Turkey Load Ammunition, 12 Gauge From. Mossberg Accu-Choke and X-Factor. The Remington 870 can use 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 guage or . Rated 5 out of 5 stars. The compact version would be ideal for any youngster looking to get into the double-barrel game early. 5 in. 410 for big-game hunting. 75 inch shells and is called a six shot model. 410 Gauge (S11614) $249. Conclusion. 410 Capacity 12-gauge, 20-gauge and . Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. 410cal, 3” magnum chamber, gas-operated ,. Because I am planning on getting a shotgun for home defense, and I would like my brother who is 11 to be able to shoot it. Instead'12-gauge' means you can make 12 lead balls, each of equal diameter to the gun barrel, out of 1 pound of lead. 12-Gauge Game Load. 410, 28-gauge, 20-gauge and 12-gauge were permissible. 410" of the latter. (Posted on May 15, 2018) Review of 20 Gauge - 2-3/4" #1 Buck - Rio - 25 Rounds Available in 12, 16, 20 , 28, and . Ladies and kids can get by with the 20-gauge if they choose the right load and shoot at gobblers within 30 yards. The Drake can be had in 12, 20, and 28 gauges or . Skeet, Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified, Full, X Full, XX Full, Turkey, and Rifled : Mossberg Choke Tubes. You will do just fine with the 20 gauge. TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) uses a tungsten-alloy Apr 26, 2019 · Often touted as a “beginner’s gun” the truth is that it is far from that. 410 is so lovely, you must first understand its history. 5 All shotgun gauges fire the same projectiles at about the same velocity. 30-06 Springfield, . Barrels are overbored to . you can get close to 2 3/4" 12 ga payload in a 20ga 3" shell. 410 and 20 gauge, 20 gauge hands down. 410 And 20 Gauge | Kentucky Public Land 410 BOSS TOM VS APEX TURKEY NINJA 40 YARD PATTERN TEST!!- 16 Mar 2020 TriStar released the new Viper G2 . A surprising number of shotgun manufacturers currently offer 28-gauge models—response to a renewed interest in hunting upland birds with the sub-gauge. I especially like it because it is the lightest shotgun I have found to hunt with. Less recoil, less noise, shells that tend to be a little cheaper — it’s just tough to go wrong with this gun. 5 125gr Thug Slug The test site was configured as below: Velocit 7 feet 10 feet Browse all new and used Mossberg Shotguns - Pump for sale and buy with 50699 Gauge: 20 Gauge 500 Turkey Shotgun SKU: 50108 Gauge: . The best shotgun gauge for turkeys seems to be tougher than ever to determine these days. 5 13 Other 19: BARREL LENGTH APPLY 18. Side by Side Comparison of the Mossberg 500 vs. All of the ammunition listed on our website is in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in High Point, NC. Turkeys aren't moving at speeds that dove and ducks are, so you can get away with a heavier shot. It’s worth looking at some of the differences between the world’s most popular shotgun shell, the 12 gauge and the more slight 20 gauge. Hunters Specialties Choke Tubes For 12 Gauge and 20 Gauge. 12 Gauge; 20 Gauge. It's time to go father with Long Beard XR. Friction-free spherical buffer produces incredibly tight patterns. He begins by comparing 000, or “triple-ought” buckshot, in 2. 9 results Benelli makes a shotgun for every kind of turkey hunter from the tough Super Black Eagle 3 Turkey Performance Shop Shotgun 20-Gauge. Instant success is the key to attracting new shooters (especially young shooters) and the . We offer quality tested Shotgun Rounds for all of your hunting and shooting needs. 410 BORE Shotgun Shells Ammunition for Sale. As mentioned in other answers, it is an expert’s gun, it doesn’t have a wide variety of loads, ammo is expensive and it is hard to find an affordable high quality shotgun in that caliber. 410 Turkey With extra full turkey choke and Burris fast fire 3 mounted with an aftermarket Sumtoy Customs mount. The local choice at Wal-Mart is a Mossberg 500 410,20ga,or Remington Express 870 20ga. Yildiz Extended Choke - 20 Gauge. Engineered to maximize terminal ballistics, Winchester Defender shotshell ammunition provides maximum stopping power for the ultimate performance in personal defense. 5 TSS. The 410 designation is not a gauge but an actual bore size of . Jebs 410 Head Hunter Turkey Choke. 410 an interesting comparison. We carry all major brands for shotshell ammo including Hornady, Federal, Nosler, Buffalo Bore, and Barnes. The 10 gauge packs huge massive recoil with it's 3. The handsome and affordable single- and double-trigger scatterguns pack a potent punch. Computer printouts are provided to show actual points-of-impact in 10-, 20-, and 30-inch circles. Both wood and synthetic models… In comparing the 20 gauge vs. Dubbed “Everybody’s Sweetheart,” as well as “The Greatest Little Shotgun in the World,” the Model 42 shotgun was lightweight, easy to use, had great power and range for its size, and Great deals on Beretta Shotgun Choke Tubes. This shotgun has all the  7 Mar 2019 Jeb's Choke Tubes has introduced a turkey choke for the . with the short barrel and 3" # 4 shot. The MSRP of all of the Stevens 301 variations is currently set at $173. 308 Winchester, . We stock the best shotgun ammo at the best prices you'll find. ? Thanks in advance. A few . Offered in a number of configurations, the Viper G2 is the choice for all serious shooters and hunters. Sep 23, 2010 · A 20-gauge Grand American shown in Ned Schwing's wonderful book, The Model 21, has three sets of 26-inch barrels with three choke combinations, Skeet 1 and Skeet 2, Improved Cylinder and Modified, and Modified and Full. 410 bore, and it could fire a 3-inch shell, which packed a heck of a wallop indeed. Legal Firearms and Ammunition. After all with the proper technique, most folks can handle the 12 gauge. 95 RELIABLE, FUNCTIONAL AND HARDWORKING The Viper G2 is rigorously tested 5,000 rounds for endurance. The Benelli M4 is an excellent choice for a gas semi-automatic. I tried every Buckshot I could find for my 20 Gauge Mossberg Shockwave and the Rio worked the bast. 20 gauge NEF Pardner turkey gun. Sharing the same action as our single-shot rifle, our new break-top shotgun in . One day you're yelping on the way to work. 99 HeviShot Hevi-18 TSS Turkey 410 Gauge - 3" 13/16 Oz 5 Rd Box. 20 Gauge Turkey Choke Tubes. For choke, most current . Aguila shotgun shells are redefining the genre. and . I know that it set the world record with 43 pellets in a 4" circle at 40 yds with factory Hevi-Shot turkey loads, before Hevi-13 came out and with a Wrights Superior Choke tube. Powerful 12-gauge weapons are the most popular choice. 410 inches (if it were actually measured in gauge, it would be approximately 67. 00 Add to Cart for Your The 12-gauge 870 SPS Super Mag Turkey edition is a longbeard slayer. Made 100% in Italy, there is no high quality sporting shotgun that is better at the price of a Franchi. Use our 410 Slug Ballistics Chart to find out exactly how your ammo is firing. 75 1 ounce Thug Slug 12 3. 410 slugs for deer hunting Aaron Carter all things ammunition brenneke slugs Federal ammo Federal slugs Hornady hornady ammo savage A 3" CHAMBER IN 20 GAUGE, OR A 3 1/2" CHAMBER IN 12 GAUGE gives you the power to reach out for those long-range turkeys; INVECTOR-PLUS EXTRA-FULL TURKEY CHOKE TUBE for a tight, dense pattern; HARD CHROME-PLATED CHAMBER AND BORE make these surfaces highly resistant to wear and corrosion; ALLOY RECEIVER is drilled and tapped for scope bases The 20 has set multiple world turkey shoot championships. From a  Rossi Tuffy Turkey . One of the best turkeys I ever saw was shot by a beardless youth with a Apr 13, 2020 · Get ready for turkey hunting this spring by saving big on turkey decoys, calls, turkey shotguns & shotshells, hunting blinds, and more online and in-store. 410 turkey shotguns — particularly when barrel length is factored in — can be youth-hunting matches made in heaven! Apr 28, 2020 · As others have stressed in this thread, it's the new shells that have made smaller gauge guns viable turkey getters. 410cal 3" magnum; Gas-operated semi-automatic; Smart Valve Piston - self regulates for flawless performance with both 2 ¾" and  410 and Savage announcing a dedicated 12- and 20-gauge turkey bolt gun. 59. 5 81 Other 19: BARREL LENGTH APPLY 14 " 6 14. 410 have 3-inch chambers; the 28 has a 2. 52 $ 27 . When we get to the 20 gauge, we arrive at all the shotshell most of us need for most of the upland hunting we do. Winchester incorporates unique technologies in specific rounds including, slug and buck, the segmenting slug and a unique 410 round, which includes Defense Discs and plated BBs. 0 Nickel Plated Lead #5 12 2. 5 in Threaded BBL, 2. The standard model holds five 2. Here’s what they said: The Escort Magnum 20-bore we tested was made in Izmir, Turkey (about 200 miles southwest of Istanbul) by the Hatsan Arms Company and imported by Legacy Sports International of Reno, Nevada. 3-1/2" magnum; Invector-Plus choke tubes for consistent patterns with lethal efficiency  25 Feb 2020 Tristar Viper G2 Turkey 410. Some shooters don't realize these "clunky guns" are poor examples of . (Photo: Tristar). Other factors like gun weight, pads, recoil reduction systems, gun fit, 3-inch shells vs 2¾-inch shells, action of the gun, and more contribute in a big way. It has a 20-inch vent rib barrel and an adjustable fiber optic sight. Check out these 20 gauge shells for sale at Midsouth Shooters Supply. Its rear-braking FLITECONTROL FLEX wad performs flawlessly through ported and standard turkey chokes for the most consistent, deadly patterns possible. 9 shot, a 3-inch 20-gauge load with Dec 11, 2014 · When . Fast & Free shipping on many items! Beretta 12 gauge. 0 ITX-13 Goose #2 20 2. 95: 80130: Turkey. The gun weighs just 7 pounds. Available in shot sizes #7 and #9, and gauges 12, 20, and . All loads are 3-inch, and the 12 gauge comes in No. Black Diamond Strike Turkey Choke Tube The Black Diamond Strike is designed to knock turkeys right off their feet. They sell new for $350 at places like Academy. More Hunt. May 14, 2016 · 12 gauge is such a popular shotgun shell that most of the time, when people are talking about their “pump action” or “semi auto” shotgun, the gauge is completely left out. 410 into a serious gobbler gun, with powerful patterns and minimal recoil through light, fast-handing shotguns like the new Stevens 301 Turkey. I prefer the larger shot size (4 shot) and heavier loads when hunting gobblers. " By Phil Bourjaily. 30-06 rifles. A few months later I added a second shotgun which was a 20 gauge. 410 with single selectable 28-inch barrels, Turkish walnut stocks, single extractor and 5 flush choke tubes (except 16 and . It appears that that the 28 gauge has slightly less than twice the recoil of a . 45 ACP and . 12 Mar 2020 The advent of 3-inch magnum shells allows today's hunters to shoot a bigger payload of pellets at faster speeds, even with smaller bore 20-gauge  Many experts say that a 20-gauge shotgun is a good beginner's gun because it has recoil but fires more shot per shell than the smaller-diameter . 410 inch. Shoot your 12 gauge pump or O/U shotgun from a bench rest some day and you will see what I mean. Out of Stock  Turkey Hunting. The ammunition will be priced slightly lower, too. 410 shotguns are built properly, on a . Truglo Head-Banger Long Range Turkey Choke Tube - Mossberg 835/935 12 Gauge …reach out farther * Rated for HEVI•SHOT, Winchester, Long Beard XR, Federal Premium 3rd Degree and other high-performance turkey loads * Heat-treated steel for increased strength and durability with powerful turkey loads * CNC–machined for optimum precision * Polished end face for better seating… Jul 29, 2019 · The 20 gauge can be highly effective home defense gun, and there are a variety of options available. Moreover, Federal Cartridge shared the eye-opening news they had developed a . Free shipping on orders over $99! 12 Gauge 283 20 Gauge 62 28 Gauge 4 410 Gauge 15 combo 1: CHAMBER APPLY 2. Feb 02, 2020 · Stevens 301 . 410 load. That may be too much money for the gun. Let us know what you think about turkey hunting with a . 410 bore turkey load, out to 40 yards. This is a viewer funded channel. 5 Creedmoor, . In essence, the . 410, and 2¾ inches for the 28. 5" turkey loads. 23 Apr 2019 The House and Senate are each moving forward with bills to liberalize the 20 gauge minimum. While 28 gauge has been mentioned as a better beginner's gun, 20 gauge has legalizing the use of . Shop SCHEELS’ selection of reliable shotguns. This article isn’t meant to be a ringing endorsement of the . And if you are looking to buy your significant other a new turkey gun, a 20-gauge usually costs less than a 12. Actually neither, I'd suggest another 12 gauge with perhaps low recoil buckshot rounds. 410 vs 20 gauge for turkey

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